Hello!  My name is Will.  Based in Sugar Land, TX, I have had the privilege of playing and producing music for about 7 years.  I specialize in synth/pads/effects/keys in live and studio settings.  I am able to do session work remotely. 


Below is a list of friends I regularly play/produce and/or do session work for.  Please check out their music, it is very delicious! 


Currently, I lead worship every Sunday at a church in Missouri City, TX, and I have played numerous weddings/retreats/worship nights.


Although my personal projects are mainly Contemporary Christian, I am a lover of all music, so please feel free to utilize me for any genre! 


Aside from performing, I also serve as a DJ/emcee for wedding receptions, corporate or non-profit events, parties, etc.  More info below!



My current rig is dubbed Mission Control because it looks like a command module from a sci-fi movie.  It certainly is used to send listeners out of this world, but enough of my dad-jokes. More pics coming soon! 


The heart of it is the Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, which serves a mixer/patchbay as well as audio interface for my Macbook Pro.  I have the audio signal from my Nord Electro 4 SW 73 going into the Saffire, as well as the Moog Minitaur.  Through Mainstage 3, I set up each patch to route the audio in and out as well as set volumes/settings for the Minitaur and Strymon Big Sky via MIDI.  My Korg nanoKONTROL2 serves as my primary controller for changing patches, tweaking volumes of the Nord, Big Sky, and Minitaur, as well as the filter cutoff for the Minitaur.  In Mainstage, I like to also layer patches via Omnisphere, Komplete 10, or built-in Logic sounds, generating numerous combinations.  


My friend Christie Peters is responsible for the sweet paint job.  Check out her portfolio on her website!


Below are samples of my work - studio, recreational, and live patches.

2017 Releases

OLDER releases

current projects

Instagram Feed



I am fortunate to own high-quality speakers, lighting, and other gear to deliver a professional atmosphere for any occasion.  Contact me to DJ and/or emcee your wedding reception, corporate or non-profit events, parties, or other gatherings!


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